" If 90 days could make the world l literate, would you not do it?" - Dr. Sunita Gandhi

D-Talks #Disruptive FLN

Foundation Literacy & Numeracy

D-Talks or Disruptive Talks is an online forum that brings together change-makers from around the world to share their solutions to the global literacy crisis and commit to urgent action for achieving Universal Foundational Literacy and Numeracy as envisioned by UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 4. More than 174 speakers from 22 countries have participated in the D-Talks since its launch in 2021. The speakers and audience of the D-Talks include diverse stakeholders including top government policymakers, heads of CSR foundations, international NGOs and foundations and educators across India and globally.

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To eaise awareness of the seriousness of the FLN crises




To get commitments for a time- bound people's movement




To discover groundbreaking solutions that can meet targets time-efficiently




To inspire greater action by the sharing of successes



Prominent features of the D-Talks include

  • 45 minutes session with a 15-minute presentation or speech by the speaker followed by Q/A from the host and the audience
  • Live streaming on YouTube and Facebook
  • Bytes of the D-Talks are promoted through social media and emailers


We are honoured to invite you to be the guest speaker at ‘D-Talks’ and share your vision of disruptive change in education. You may choose any date of your convenience. The talks are generally accommodated as per your convenience.

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International Agencies, Foundations and NGOs

Escuela Nueva
Vicky Colbert

Robert Jenkins

Rukmini Banerji

We Love Reading
Rana Dajani

First Book
Kyle Zimmer

Teachers Without Borders
Fred Mednick

Center for Innovation in Education,USA
Bob Baratta Lorton

Literacy Chicago
Joanne Telser Frere


Director of Education

Secretary of Education

Additional Chief Secretary

Director of Basic Education
Uttar Pradesh

Ministry of Education Maldives
Dr. Abdulla Rasheed

Deputy Commissioner
Barpeta, Assam

Deputy Commissioner
Dumka, Jharkhand

Joint Director
SCERT Uttarakhand

Indian CSR

SBI Foundation

HCL Foundation

ICICI Foundation


Tech Mahindra


Edelgive Foundation

Bharti Foundation