With the setting up of Global Dream Labs, we hope to bring underprivileged children, adults and their mentors under one roof, and facilitate the initiation of literacy in an environment conducive to learning. This presents more opportunities to further accelerate learning with the availability of more and diverse learning aids, hands-on learning materials such as the moveable alphabet, sandpaper letters and computers, and interactive whiteboards, where feasible.

An experimental project will involve the use of mobiles, apps and tablets.

The first three Global Dream Labs are opening in the following locations:

  • CIS Indira Nagar, Lucknow
  • Nai Basti, Lucknow
  • TCS Building, Lucknow
Schools are invited to explore the setting up of Global Dream Lab Schools in their schools.

The Global Dream Lab Schools are called Lab Schools since they will continue to serve as laboratory for new, creative and experimental work in which all stakeholders can participate. It will be up to those who run these centres to think of new and creative ways to make these useful to the populations they serve.

Among new and creative approaches that can be used by the different Global Dream Lab Schools will be, among others:

  • Combining literacy with entrepreneurship
  • Information centres on government programmes and others available at the building
  • A place to come and read the newspaper and read books
  • A place to get more literacy and numeracy packs and / or backpacks
  • Help centres for typing of letters, filing of FIRs, organisation of Aadhar cards, etc.
  • A community centre for the gathering of people to discuss issues that concern them
  • Schools can use these labs for the teaching of their own school children with a combined concept. Call or email the Global Dream Team.

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