#GlobalDream by DEVI Sansthan is a worldwide #disruptiveliteracy movement for #FLN at scale enabled by transformative #ALfA pedagogy in multiple languages that accelerates learning for all

1 st Global Summit

Meet Our Advisory Committee

Global Summit on

Disruptive Literacy & Education: Accelerated Learning for All

March, 2023

"If 90 days could make the world literate, would you not do it?"

Sunita Gandhi

General-Secretary, Disruptive Literacy Partnership


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The Literacy Now conference will bring together leading minds from around the world to discuss the crisis of literacy poverty, and work together to create a roadmap to end literacy poverty in a time-bound mission. The conference seeks to:

The conference marks the launch of the Disruptive Global Movement to End Literacy Poverty. It will be followed up by annual conferences in which stakeholders share stories of best practices and discuss progress towards their targets, encouraging each other in their commitment to end the literacy poverty crisis by 2030.



  • The movement seeks to bring together crucial stakeholders:
  • Government including Country Heads, Prime Ministers and Presidents, Ministers and Secretaries of Education
  • Multilateral Agencies including Heads of UN Agencies, The World Bank and other International Development Agencies
  • Donors including Heads of Corporations, Foundations and Charitable Trusts
  • Civil Societies including Heads of NGOs, Voluntary Associations and Social Enterprises
  • Educational Institutions including Heads of Schools, Colleges and Universities; Researchers and Faculty



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